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The most influential speakers

Influence Live is one of the fastest growing business conferences for Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants.  This 3 day event, has special bonuses that are unprecedent for any other conference.  There are giveaways and opportunities that happen within this weekend, designed to directly have significant impacts on your business!

Upon registration for the event, there will be an option to submit a short bio about yourself… If you are looking to gain exposure and experience, what better place to do it than in front of hundreds of eager business owners? 

Up to 10 VIP registrants will be selected to speak from stage during this incredible event.. So sign-up, and prepare to have your business thrust to new heights…

The Speakers

Shawn Shewchuk

Number 1 Results Coach, Best Selling Author and International Speaker

Kim Orlesky

President, KO Advantage Group

Loral Langemeier

CEO and Founder of Integrated Wealth Systems

Berny Dohrmann

Founder, CEO Space International

Speaker To Be Announced

Speaker To Be Announced

Speaker To Be Announced

Speaker To Be Announced

What is Influence Live?

"#1 Event in North America for Coaches, Authors, Speakers and Consultants"

This event is a MUST ATTEND event if you are in the speaking, coaching, or consulting space.  Business owners will be flying in from across North America to network, learn, connect and grow their businesses.

If you value building connections, gaining the insights on how to build 7,8 and 9 figure businesses and learning the ins and outs, then Influence Live is a MUST ATTEND for YOU.

With the Coaching, Consulting and Speaking space constantly growing, you need to ALWAYS be ahead of industry trends.  Through this event, you will learn the NUMBER 1 way to create CELEBRITY status, build INFLUENCE and increase CREDIBILITY!






The definition of being a celebrity, is being in a state of being well known!  This can have SIGNIFICANT impacts on your business.  With celebrity comes trust.  With trust comes people seeking your expertise.  And with you sharing your expertise, comes increases in business at scalable measures.

If you create a celebrity status for yourself, in your industry, you will no longer be chasing down your next client.. you will be hand picking the PERFECT client for your business.



If people do not trust what you have to say, or if you do not have a track record of results and successes at your disposal, how do you expect clients to cough up hundreds of thousands of dollars to work with you?

You need CREDIBILITY!  Over the weekend you will learn how to gain MASSIVE credibility and be respected by peers and industry leaders.


How can you land those 7 and 8 figure deals? You’ll learn how what the ultra successful already know and use.

You have to have INFLUENCE!  If people do not listen when you speak or present ideas, then you do not have the influence needed to create a serious impact in your industry.  We will show you EXACTLY what to do to build massive influence, which then will lead to building your tribe and following.


Participant Ratings


Who Attends



Roscoe Houston
Roscoe Houston
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Shawn’s conference “Change Your Results” was a inspiration here in San Diego at Influence Live! He really is the number one coach for Changing Your Results! I left inspired by the quality of speakers, and coaches that he brings together to impact lives around the world by helping them change their results.
Holly Sorgen
Holly Sorgen
Executive Director
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To Whom It May Concern: When you need a great speaker for an upcoming event, Shawn Shewchuk is the answer! Shawn’s message was right on target. He delivered a results driven presentation that was impactful motivating, inspiring and entertaining. His presentation left the crowd wanting to hear more. Shawn took the time to understand his audience and connected with many while attending. When the delegates want him back, you know you hit a home run. Thank you Shawn.
Ross Lightle
Ross Lightle
Wealth Intelligence Academy
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Your insightful and knowledgeable presentations are the highlight of our program; you are without question our first choice. Every time you speak, it is a great learning experience for all involved. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
Dr. Ryan Chernesky
Dr. Ryan Chernesky
MDC Properties Ltd.
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Shawn Shewchuk exceeded our expectations and we will continue to utilize his services as required. Our association with S. Shewchuk & Associates Ltd. provides excellent returns on our investment.
James Moore
James MooreBusiness Owner
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Shawn Shewchuk possesses tremendous knowledge on how the mind works. He teaches these concepts clearly and accurately, Shawn Shewchuk is a master! I cannot thank him enough for his timely advice both personally and professionally! My family is happy, my business is prospering and I am energized to achieve my goals.
Betty Fellows
Betty FellowsBusiness Owner
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Shawn Shewchuk is 100% dedicated to ensuring the success of every man and woman that he works with. Shawn Shewchuk is without question the most knowledgeable and devoted teacher that I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. Shawn is a phenomenal coach and mentor, if you want to take that next step in your life, call Shawn. Shawn’s information and expertise is well worth the investment, I would pay double if I had to!


Sponsors are the back bones of these fantastic events!  A massive thank you to this years incredible sponsors!