Influence Live

Discover How This 3-Day Event is Going to Skyrocket Your Branding, Marketing, and Sales, Over the Course of the Next Year, Like You’ve Never Experienced Before in Your Business.

It’s time you decide that this year, 2019, is going to be THE year


You need to stop. Look at the current business climate in the Western World. Do you notice what’s going on?

Those who are towing-the-line and working the J.O.B. are stuck, broke, depressed and lost in the trappings of the 95%.

Who are the 95%?

They are the people who were indoctrinated to believe:

I can’t be successful.
Becoming wealthy and abundant is out of reach.
It’s too difficult to get a business off the ground.
Although the majority are the labor based employees, many are also business owners just…like…YOU!

You know what it’s like. Just a decade ago, the U.S. dollar had near a 500% more effective buying power.

Traditional marketing got traffic into your business and had clients standing in line for your services.

The retail industry was booming and now it’s a bust.

It’s time you decide that this year, 2019, is going to be THE year where you say…

Business by Design

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a playground area that’s full of hours of exercises, questions and challenges. It even has a gaming section. 

Exit Strategy

Is there really a point in running your business if you do not have a proper exit strategy in place?  Build up your business using three key principles.  Scale, Delegate, Automate

So, you have a plan…right?

You realize the Westernized conditioning is causing the job market to tank and it’s time you stop doing what everyone else isdoing and start emerging as one of the 5%…don’t you?

So, how DO you plan to become a powerful influence for your target demographic?

When, exactly, will you start to automate your marketing, increase your visibility and conquer the customer vs. client sales dilemma, once and for all?

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have all the answers and we definitely won’t expect you to drop $5,000 to come to a 3-day event like all the other “high ticket” mentors are out there spinning.

Today, we’d simply like to invite you to join us, for three days, to experience what it is like to develop your own Influence Blueprint, maximize your marketing with our 5 Levels of Branding and have access to today’s most successful influencers in the industry.


Hi there,

My name is Shawn Shewchuk and when many of North America’s high achievers seek a strategic expert to assist them in achieving and accelerating their results… they typically are seeking out or introduced to me

For years, I’ve been holding these events to help everyday entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers, and consultants to develop their own Influence Blueprint at our modestly priced events.

We don’t want you to take out a small business loan to have access to

our esteemed, successful business strategists.


You have more to worry about in today’s business, sales and marketing climate.

We simply want you to be able to focus on who we are, what we can teach you and how rapidly you can implement our strategies in your business.

That’s why, together, we have created the INFLUENCE LIVE! Event just for people like you.

Let me introduce you to just a few of our Superstar Speakers at this year’s event…

(more will be added as we move closer to the event)

Let me tell you how you will also get our:

  • Best Selling Book, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Results!”(a $30 Retail Value)
  • The 3 Part Downloadable, Audio Recordings of my Business Results Bootcamp (a REAL $97 Value!)
  • Gain EXCLUSIVE access to a private, one-on-one session with our leading business strategists
    (An Astounding $1200 Value)
  • The Influence Blueprint that has helped countless entrepreneurs to map out their business success to break through to the 95% (Obviously At LEAST a $397 Value)

All for just showing up to our three-day Influence LIVE! Event.

As You Can Already See, We’re NOT Screwing Around with the Players at this Year’s Event.

Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you want more salesbetter branding, and more effective marketing and to have that marketing automated?
  • How would your business profits change if you stopped wearing so many hats in your business will having your branding effectively producing record revenues in your sales?
  • What if you could begin to generate new clients, more sales and groundbreaking influence in your industry at WILL?
  • With just the 3 Part Boot Camp Recordings and my Best-Selling Book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Results!” you could begin to accomplish that before the event even starts!

Right when you sign up, you will be given digital downloadable access to these two amazing resources…for your immediate enjoyment and implementation.

Let’s run through the two options you have here.

$197 Gold Admission for the Boot Strap

Business Person Who Wants to Attend,

But Can’t Foot the VIP Ticket Price

For only $197 you will get:


Admission to our 3 Day Influence LIVE Weekend
(Real Market Value of $497)

My Best-Selling Book “Change Your Mind, Change Your Results!” (Retails at $30)

The 3 Part, Digital Downloadable Audios of Business Results Bootcamp (REAL $97 Value)

Our Influence Blueprint, Laying in Front of You at the Event! ($397 Value)

Not to Mention…

Private Session with Our Leading Business Strategists (At an Astounding $1200 Value)

Like I said, we’re not playing around here.

We want EVERYONE who attends, no matter their budget, to get the most out of this experience without breaking the bank!


Learn from the very best

Join our community of business experts over the course of 3 days and sky rocket your business!


Friday: 13:00 - Whenever we finish : =) , Saturday - Sunday: 8:30 - Whenever we finish =)